Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A letter from our Director

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
For over forty-one years the United Methodist Inner City Mission has served the needs of those who are hopeless, hungry and homeless. The Mission provides ministries to address the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the community and offers hope for a brighter future. But now, we have reached a critical point and we need the support of the United Methodist Churches in order to continue our work. We have many vital programs in jeopardy including:

*The After School and Summer Tutorial Programs. This is one of the best tutorial programs in the city. This summer there was a documented 20% increase in reading scores.

*McKemie Place- A shelter for homeless women and it is the only one of its kind in the city. The Mission opened its doors for McKemie place in March, 2007 and is now the permanent site for the shelter.

*Pro-kids. This program offers on-site counseling at the mission for children and youth. This program has seen a tremendous increase in the number of participants over the last six months.

*The Economics of Staying in School. Junior Achievement has partnered with the Mission to educate students on the importance of getting a good education and how much more they can expect from life if they remain in school and go on to college.

*Taylor Park. The Park offers year-round involvement in team sports, a pool and a gym. For many kids, these programs offer a safe alternative to being on the streets.

*Kids In Touch Against Violence, Anti-Drug Programs, Senior Citizens Programs, Emergency Assistance, and Boy Scouts are among the many other programs that are in peril.

We are urging you to include the Mission in your church’s budget for $25 per month or ask another group within your church to sponsor the Mission. Twenty five dollars each month will provide someone who is homeless with a hot breakfast for five days a week for one year. Twenty five dollars each month will also pay the administrative expenses for one at-risk child to receive tutoring for six months or cover the expenses for five children to attend our eight week summer enrichment program.

Many small contributions from our United Methodist Churches each month will allow our ministry to survive and continue serving those in need. We need your help and we pray that as a part of the United Methodist Church, you will support this vital mission.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Tonny H. Algood, Director
United Methodist Inner City Mission
Contributions can be made to: P.O. Box 9082, Mobile, AL 36691

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What the Mission is About

Hope and change by giving children, youth and families the help they need to improve their lives.

Celebrating the lives of senior citizens by providing daily activities, special trips, lunches and transportation to medical appointments and shopping.

Providing opportunities for volunteers to share in this ministry “to bring Good News to the poor …(Luke 4:18)

Programs Address Needs

The Mission administers programs that address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community:

Where will you lend a hand?
· Emergency Assistance
· Daily Breakfast
· Senior Citizens Program
· Seniors’ Ceramic Classes
· Oakdale Community Service Club
· Parenting Classes
· Boy/Cub/Sea Scouts
· Christmas Baskets/ Gifts
· Sports Programs
· Counseling/At Risk Youth
· Blue Lake Camp
· After School Tutorial Program
· Jr. Achievement Program
· Volunteer Work Teams
· Thanksgiving Baskets
· Homeless Women’s Shelter
· Summer Enrichment Day Camp
· Summer Lunch Program

As our hands reach out, we see the face of God – in the faces of those we serve and in those who work with us to serve the needs of others.

United Methodist Inner City Mission

It all began in the “Open House”, a vacant house across from the declining Oakdale Methodist Church more than 40 years ago, where, with little money but a great deal of love, compassion, and prayer, a cadre of believes began an ecumenical ministry to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of those less fortunate - the Inner City Mission. Reverend Fred Toland’s vision of what the Methodist Church could mean for Mobile grew to affect thousands of lives in ministry to those in need.

Today, the vision is still alive and the ministry continues to grow. The need is great and there is still so much to be done! The Mission goes on, day after day, carrying out its ministry we are the hands of God.

As did our founder, John Wesley, we continue to go to the people carrying a message of Christ centered hope, love and justice.